We’re grateful to recognize BC Housing as our Lead Sponsor for Coldest Night of the Year. 

BC Housing’s mission is to make a positive difference in people’s lives and communities through safe, affordable and quality housing. They do this by working to address critical gaps across the housing continuum, which range from emergency shelters, supportive housing and rent assistance in the private market to affordable home ownership.

In addition to building new supportive and affordable rental homes, BC Housing helps British Columbians through these programs:

BC Housing partners with about 800 non-profit housing providers and other partners to help more than 121,000 households in communities throughout the province. These partnerships are critical and BC Housing couldn’t do the work they do without strong collaboration with organizations like First United.

For the past two years, BC Housing has sponsored First United’s annual Coldest Night of the Year walk. The event raises funds to help us provide support for people who are experiencing homelessness, hunger, and oppression in the Downtown Eastside.

This sponsorship is especially important during the pandemic. COVID-19 has amplified socio-economic gaps and large numbers of people have been displaced and are faced with reduced supports.

Providing essential services, community connection, and healing gives people a platform from which they can thrive. Through events like the Coldest Night of the Year walk and with support from BC Housing, we’re able to continue to provide help to people who need it most.

Thank you, BC Housing, for your ongoing commitment to community building and your sponsorship of Coldest Night of the Year walk.

To learn more about Coldest Night of the Year or to get involved, contact Development Coordinator Will Goldbeck at [email protected] or sign up today.

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