FIRST UNITED’s Interim Executive Director Amanda Burrows joins Victoria Emslie for a discussion about philanthropy and impact in the Downtown Eastside in a Philanthropy Focus edition of the Nicola Wealth podcast, “The Wealth Exchange.”

In the February edition of Nicola Wealth‘s “The Wealth Exchange,” Victoria Emslie, Senior Manager, Corporate Relations at Nicola Wealth, and Amanda Burrows, Interim Executive Director of First United, cover a range of topics, from the history of the Downtown Eastside and the impact of urban decay to First United’s history of responding to community needs and the complexity of the issues people face in the Downtown Eastside.

Through thoughtful reflections on the barriers that can make change difficult, the discussion touches on opportunities for both short- and long-term solutions, community-led initiatives, political action, systems change, and more. Inspired by successes in coordinated community responses to crisis and need in the Downtown Eastside during the Covid-19 pandemic, Amanda speaks to the incredible power of building relationships, sharing resources, and mobilizing communities around a common cause.

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