Demand drug policy changes to save lives

Let your MLA know that we need bigger and bolder changes for decriminalization and legal regulation to be effective, and to stop drug overdose deaths. The Government of British Columbia’s approach to drug policy is flawed and set up to fail. The province needs to take bolder action—immediately—to end the overdose crisis. Over 10,000 lives […]

Eviction Survey

Help tell the story of eviction in British Columbia.  Have you been evicted or forced to move? Share your story and the impact it’s had on you. We want to use this information to help make tenant protections stronger in B.C.   This project is being run by the Legal Advocacy program at First United […]

Five Recommendations for Police Reforms

Today our Advocacy Manager, Didi Dufresne, is speaking to the BC Legislative Assembly on Reforming the Police Act with the following recommendations: 5 Points Overview of Recommendation: 1. Granting self-governance to Indigenous People, who will no longer be subjected to police authority without consent. 2. Banning police street checks. 3. Decriminalizing sex work, drug possession, […]

For immediate release: BC Tenants’ Rights Advocates Unite to Call for Eviction Ban

For Immediate Release March 24, 2020 Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories Yesterday, Canadians were given a clear and direct order from Prime Minister Trudeau: “go home and stay home.” But how can renters stay home when threatened with losing their homes through evictions? Tenants’ rights advocates in BC are calling on the provincial government to ensure […]

Open Letter to Minister Shane Simpson on COVID-19 Supports: April 7, 2020

We appreciate Minister Simpson’s quick and responsive action for people with disabilities, low-income workers, and others dependent on income assistance to meet their needs in the face of COVID-19. We are relieved to see that many of the actions we called for have been implemented by the provincial government. But we know there are still […]

Guest Bans during COVID-19: Letter for Tenants

Right now, we are living at the intersection of two public health emergencies: COVID-19 and the overdose crisis. The actions we take to keep our communities safe must reflect that. A spike in overdose deaths – the highest single month in over a year – coincides roughly with when B.C. instituted physical distancing measures and […]