We’re honoured to be able to announce that Executive Director, The Rev. Dr. Carmen Lansdowne, has been nominated as a candidate for Moderator of the United Church of Canada’s this year’s 44th General Council.

The Moderator is responsible for giving spiritual leadership to all in the United Church of Canada, chairing meetings of the General Council, visiting and engaging with United Churches across Canada, and acting as the primary representative for the United Church. The General Council will vote to elect the new Moderator for their three-year term on July 22, 2022.

Carmen’s thoughtful leadership, spiritual guidance, and organizational acumen has doubtlessly informed this nomination. FIRST UNITED is proud to have such an exceptional leader at our helm, and are thrilled to see Carmen recognized in this very special way.

“Carmen demonstrates the qualities required of a Moderator in many ways. First United is blessed with her spiritual, governance, and management leadership. She ensures that decisions are made by listening, observing, and consulting, and are grounded in her deep faith and spiritual life. She is already a well-respected leader in the United Church of Canada and globally and it is an honour for First United to have Carmen nominated for Moderator. We wish her success and are keeping her in our thoughts and prayers.”

Heather F. Clarke, Chair


“I’m deeply touched to be recognized and nominated for Moderator. I’ve committed my life to the United Church and to my faith as a minister and theologian. I’ve spent years honing my leadership and organizational capacity building skills at various social-impact organizations with the goal of improving our world, our community, and making a lasting difference in people’s lives. To be considered for the highest elected position within my Church is a humbling and exciting experience.”

The Rev. Dr. Carmen Lansdowne

Nominations can be made until June 16th 2022. The Moderator will preach at a service of installation on August 7th which will mark the official close of the General Council. The role of Moderator begins immediately after installation. FIRST UNITED has strong succession plans in place to accommodate changes in leadership. Both the Board of Directors and senior staff leadership are committed to holding space for personal, professional, and organizational growth in a variety of ways and support Carmen’s nomination.

Please join us in congratulating Carmen for this momentous recognition of her commitment to the United Church of Canada.

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