We have some truly outstanding news to share with you: over the past six weeks, we ran two parallel campaigns for critically-needed donations: we had to raise $450,000 for our ongoing programs and services, and $500,000 for the redevelopment of our new building.

It was an ambitious undertaking, but one that we felt optimistic about because our community has always stood with us faithfully.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that you exceeded our wildest expectations:

Between both campaigns, more than 1,000 donors contributed over $1 million.

This has never before happened in the almost 140 year history of FIRST UNITED.

For our programs and services, donors collectively gave $343,656 (plus $225,000 in matching funds), for a total of $568,000. That means you exceeded our goal by over $118,000 in support of our work providing essential services, community connection, and healing in the Downtown Eastside this year.

“I am incredibly grateful to our matching donors, individuals, businesses, and communities of faith that made gifts this holiday season. It’s because of your help and belief in our mission that we’re able to provide survival services, compassion, and dignity to the Downtown Eastside community every day, no matter what. We’re grateful to have you as partners, and that you share our belief that change can happen when we band together. Thank you!”

The Rev. Dr. Carmen Lansdowne, Executive Director

For First Forward, our goal was to raise $500,000 by the end of December, and again you showed us how much you believe in the future of FIRST: you contributed $580,000! We’re now 75% of the way to our $30 million goal for our new home.

Together, it’s a total of over $1.14 million. Your generosity touches our hearts. You’ve shown that you believe in FIRST, in helping our community’s most vulnerable, and that you have hope for the future of the Downtown Eastside. We do too. And with you by our side, we know it’s possible.

Thank you. We look forward to achieving incredible things in our community in 2022, with you by our side.

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