This Place for Displaced

When folks come to us for shelter, we want them to feel welcome and that they belong. That was the idea behind commissioning artwork for our shelter— to make it feel more like a home and less like an institution. To achieve this, we commissioned a piece by Downtown Eastside artist Rickie “Sugars” that now […]

From Shelter to Housing

Move out days—when shelter residents move out of their shelter pod and into a permanent housing unit—are special ones. Last year, we helped place 18 residents into long-term housing. On move out days, Stephanie Kallstrom, Case Planner, along with a shelter resource worker, help the resident pack up their belongings and drive them to their […]

Mary’s Story: Cancer, Job Loss, Homelessness and A Pandemic

You might have preconceived notions of how a person ends up living in a homeless shelter. The truth is, no one chooses to be homeless. And the people who are experiencing this – they don’t want to be there. They want to go home. Be home. Have a home. And no one thinks one day, […]