This spring, Chandos Construction joined First United for the first time as a platinum sponsor for our 13th Annual Golf Tournament for the Homeless. But when COVID-19 hit, we made the tough decision to cancel the tournament.

That meant we faced the loss of more than $100,000 in critical program funds the golf community raises each year. It was a worrisome time.

So, when brand-new sponsor Chandos stepped up to help, we were filled with gratitude. When they heard about the tournament cancellation, Chandos was the first sponsor to say, “We want to help. Please convert our sponsorship to a donation.” Not only that, early in the pandemic, they donated 200 surgical masks to keep our staff and community safe, and helped our team order more through their supply chain.

“Our goal is to build communities, not just buildings,” says Wayne Quanson, Chandos Vice President of Preconstruction. “When we understood the tournament wasn’t happening, we knew the impact that could have. Cancelled events could seriously harm charities’ ability to fundraise – and that harms the people who depend on charities. So during COVID-19, it almost became more important than ever for us to support.”

As a Certified B Corp, Chandos meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. “We always strive to ensure that whatever we do, we have a positive community impact,” says Wayne. “Partnering with organizations like First United is a key part of how we operate.”

In the weeks following, we were overwhelmed by support as the golf community rallied to help. Between sponsorships, donated registration fees, and additional gifts, the golf community raised a total of $105,300 to help Downtown Eastside residents meet their basic needs for food, shelter and safety. In a challenging time, it was a bright spot, and a reminder of the power of community.

To learn about sponsorship opportunities, contact us at [email protected]

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