The Government of British Columbia needs to take swift action to reduce bad-faith evictions.

BC has the highest rate of eviction in Canada and a high rate of no-fault evictions (evictions that are not caused by non-payment of rent, broken lease, or a disruptive tenant). Studies show that British Columbians are 30% more likely to experience a no-fault eviction than tenants in other province. In our FIRST UNITED BC Eviction Map report, “landlord’s use” accounted for 62% of reported evictions.

Our BC Eviction Map, the first of its kind in the province, tracks the impact of evictions, who they’re happening to, and where. We’re using this data to create a law reform platform to advocate to the provincial government for systemic change.

As part of work to change systems and structures that are perpetuating homelessness and poverty, we’ve outlined law reform recommendations to reduce bad-faith evictions. The six recommendations are in the petition below. Details can be found in our law reform platform Everyone Needs a Home: Solutions for Preventing Homelessness, Evictions, and Displacement.

You have the power to influence change. Sign the petition today and call on BC’s Minister of Housing, Ravi Kahlon, to prioritize these changes to combat the ongoing eviction crisis.

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