This week, we were meant to host First United’s 13th Annual Golf Tournament for the Homeless: “Lucky 13,” we’d called it. Seems funny looking back now! But as with so many plans this spring, it was not to be.

When the seriousness of COVID-19 set in, we made the tough decision to cancel the tournament. We knew everyone’s health and safety had to be our highest priority.

I have been part of First United’s Board of Directors for three years, and I have volunteered with the foot care program for twelve years. I am also a member of the golf committee. Every year, our committee works as a team through a rush of planning and activity, all leading up to a day of fun and purpose with a wonderful community – some of whom have been golfing with us every year since we started!

When we had to cancel, we were disappointed…and a bit worried. The whole golf committee knows First United relies on the funds raised through our annual tournament. And we know how important it is to our golf community to give back. So we felt we needed to try to salvage some support. But we weren’t sure what to expect: there’s so much uncertainty right now, and so many people experiencing financial hardship.

We have been absolutely floored by the response we received. From tournament sponsors to individual golfers, so many people stepped up to answer our call and make a donation in lieu of their registration fee or tournament sponsorship. I am so grateful for everyone. As of today, the First United golf tournament community has contributed almost $75,000 toward our $100,000 goal! And with donated ticket registrations and pledged donations… we’re almost there!

I thought you might like to hear that good news story today. You can check out our fundraising progress online here.

If this sounds like a community you’d like to be part of, mark your calendar for May 31st, 2021 when we hope it will be safe to gather and play a round together for the 14th Annual Tournament! Maybe 13 wasn’t so lucky after all…

Take good care,


Elizabeth Kerklaan

Tournament Director

First United’s Golf Tournament for the Homeless