Please join us in wishing Reverend Jim Hatherly a happy retirement!

As of the end of June 2020, Jim will step back from his role as Director of Community Ministry at First United.

Since May 2017, Jim has been a key part of the First United community, building relationships with people in and around First, providing pastoral care and spiritual programming, and sharing in a ministry of social justice in the community and in partnership with other congregations.

Jim brought his calm and peaceful presence to his ministry, and he has become a beloved fixture on Hastings Street as “Pastor Jim” – people always knew they had a safe person to talk to and have learned to seek him out for a listening ear.

As one staff member said, Rev. Jim is “a beautiful soul and a shining light” in our community, and he leaves big shoes to fill.  A
joint staff and board search committee has been formed to search for Jim’s successor – watch for a posting in the near future.

Thank you, Jim. We gratefully acknowledge your work, and celebrate your next chapter.

Please join us in wishing Jim the very best!

A message from Jim:

My passion for the amazing services, kindness and compassion which this ministry has so strongly and consistently provided to the Downtown Eastside community will never retire.  This is a very unique ministry.  It has been an enormous privilege to offer and be offered care and support in this community, and to witness the First United team offering this care.  What is offered at First United builds on the foundation which was established in this community as far back as 1885, providing both spiritual care and advocacy for justice.  I’m grateful to have been part of that history, to those who ensured that faith and justice continued to be held together, and to those who will continue to provide this essential ministry.